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Due to the national lockdown restrictions, puppy training classes are not permitted right now. However, Dogs and Divas Doggy Day Care can and will stay open with COVID-19 safe rules. You will receive a puppy welcome pack for your fur baby which will include a socialisation tick list to keep you up to date on all the different environments and noises you can introduce your puppy to. Dogs and Divas will communicate your puppy’s progress at day care through a ‘Puppy Report Card’ in which you can contact a member of staff with any questions or queries. 



Probably the most fundamental part of what we do is toilet training! We take the pups out to the puppy garden every hour and praise when good. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR DAYCARE HAS OUTDOOR SPACE. 


If you are struggling with any specific elements of your puppy’s development, let us know and we will try to concentrate on this. We know how hard it is to socialise your puppy in these times, therefore we will be offering small training sessions with the puppies in day care throughout the day. 


We have space now in day care for new puppies and they are very welcome at either site. For our heroes we are offering 10% for NHS workers. Doggy day care is the future in pet care and this modern way of dog ownership is great for everyone involved. We hope the days of dogs being left in outdoor kennels or locked in the house for nine hours at a time during busy work hours are long gone. These days people want the absolute best for their furry family members, and we want to provide them with a fun fulfilled day every single day.


It’s also extremely important to choose the right day care and do your research. Make sure there is enough outdoor space for toilet training and natural scenting, and you want to make sure there is enough staff at the day care. Remember, your dog will spend a good amount of time at day care, participating in all kinds of activities such as eating, sleeping, drinking, playing, making friends, and learning manners. With that said, be very careful in choosing the right one.


Although our puppy rooms do a brilliant job of teaching puppies how to play gently, share toys and learning manners, all dogs are different and in our extensive experience, we’ve found that puppies do well to meet both older dogs and other puppies if they are under expert dog handler supervision. And at Dogs and Divas, we have the best staff for the job!


Day care is a great environment for a developing puppy regardless of breed or size. In our experience, ALL dogs are different so it’s very important that we carefully introduce new experiences to them in a controlled environment, helping them to quickly learn key socialisation techniques. This will give your puppy the best start and really nurture and develop them. We’ve lost count of the number of dogs that come to our day care with no previous experience with other dogs due to lockdown, who are now happy, confident, secure, and well-mannered dogs. Unfortunately, vets and trainers are unable to hold puppy socialisation classes or indoor training now, so it’s even more important to think of the best thing to do for your dog.


If you feel like you’d like some further information, you are welcome to direct message us or contact us via the contact form below.

Beagle Puppy


All puppies need puppy socialisation, they need to experience as many things as possible at an early age, so they are not overwhelmed. In simple terms, 'socialisation' is a process that a puppy must undergo to learn key life skills which ensure that they are happy and confident in their environment and can communicate effectively within their social group.


All dogs are different, different sizes, temperament, age, experiences, and intelligence. The beauty of day care is that we can introduce your dog to a group that would be beneficial for them as a starting point and then as they grow in confidence, they may be suited to one of the other groups we offer.


If you are looking for a puppy training and socialisation centre in Trafford Park or Sale, look no further than Dogs and Divas. Please note, we aim to respond to all email and form enquiries within 48-hours. If your request is urgent, please contact us on the number below.

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