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Terms and conditions for daycare, dog walkers, grooming, local dog sitters.

All dogs that come to daycare must first attend a free half day assessment to check they are suitable. If you dog comes to us from a puppy or has been well socialised it should not be a problem passing his/her temperament test however some dogs simply don't suit daycare and will not enjoy being part of such a big group. if this is the case we will have to refuse your dog to attend daycare but may be able to offer dog walking instead.

Also  all dogs that are to attend dog daycare must receive the Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination before attending daycare.

Please understand that if your dog is vaccinated for Bordatella (kennel cough) there is still a chance your dog may contract this condition from sources outside of Dogs and Divas. You shall not hold Dogs and Divas responsible in any way should such infection or similar be contracted by  your dog.

You must notify Dogs and Divas of any infection and/or contagious disease that my dog has been exposed to or infected by. Such conditions include but are not limited to, Distemper, Hepatitis, Bordatella, Parvovirus, Corona Virus, Worms, Lyme disease, Pregnancy, Infectious Skin disease and Intestinal Parasites. 

We promise to keep the health and safety of the dogs my number one priority at Dogs and Divas.
Our moto is to love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours!

Dogs and Divas

We promise to keep the health and safety of the dogs my number one priority at Dogs and Divas.
Our moto is to love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours!

Dog Walking Service

When you can't be there ... Dogs and Divas Crew will be there for you.

Lucy Billington-Murphy

"When I started working at Dogs and Divas the business was very small; there was only myself and Dawn working there. I was a part-time employee and on some days we only had a handful of dogs but I quickly realised that every dog was unique and individual and I came to care for each one as if they were my own. Over the last three years I have watched Dogs and Divas grow from a small daycare into the business it is today. The team that work here treat each other like family and we each treat the dogs in our care as we would want someone to look after our own pets.
The best part of my job is that I get to see so many puppies grow up into well behaved, gentle, intelligent adult dogs. I am able to care for them, make a difference in their lives and guide them as they grow and learn. I get to know so many different dogs and learn so much about them as individuals and as a breed. I have helped teach dogs how to recall, how to sit, I have taken them for some of their first walks and celebrated their first birthdays.
I started working at Dogs and Divas when it was a small daycare and I have stayed for so long because it is a friendly, welcoming place to work where each employee is treated as a member of the family."

Josie McIver

Daycare Manager 

As most people do, I have always wanted to work with dogs. Getting to spend the day with loads of different dogs of all breeds and sizes and getting to know their individual personalities is amazing. No two dogs are the same at day-care, so it never gets boring! Whatever challenges each new day arise, it never really feels like work when you get to spend your day with dogs 😊.

Getting to bond and play with beautiful pups every day is the best!

Amy Murray

When I saw the advertisement for Dogs and Divas I knew I just had to apply for the job! It has always been my dream and passion to work with animals (especially dogs) and I am so lucky to get this opportunity to work with the little furry companions! To care for them like they are my own (as well as bringing my very own fur baby along with me too) and loving each and every one like they are my own. They all have individual personalities which makes it so fun to be a part of their lives. You have the sleepy ones, the crazy dogs! The cuddly ones and the cheeky ones and if I could have any job in the whole entire world it would be this one. The Dogs and Divas Family welcomed me with open arms and I felt like a part of the family immediately. Seeing the dogs, and the staff who work alongside me every day is the best thing to come into on a Monday morning and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m so great full that I have been given this opportunity. To see how excited the dogs come to us like it’s their second home and for a dog to look at you and love you although you’re not their owner is an amazing feeling, to see them play and cuddle and make new friendships along the way is something I’ll love seeing forever. I love my job! ​

Dawn Marshall Managing director and founder of Dogs and Divas.
"When I started this business doggy day care was a fairly new industry, therefore I decided to ask people what they wanted  so that I could provide a personal service where we get to know you and your pet, to find out what you want from daycare and try to create a place that's a home away from home for your dogs so that they become part of the Dogs and Divas family. Every time a client decides to choose us to leave their dog with for the day or overnight, I take it as a compliment, I know what I'm like about my girls and I would not leave them with anyone I don't completely trust.

Along the way I've made some good friends and been able to provide jobs for some fantastic people and although it has been very hard work, every day in daycare is fun and worthwhile.
Our mission to simply to: love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours.
My staff and I abide by these simple standards and always will.
I also think that if you make your staff part of the family/business they will enjoy their jobs rather than it being a chore. The dogs have fun when we have fun.

Rebecca Woodfine (Becky)

"You ask why I work here…
And the truth is I don’t…
I live here…
I thrive here…
I revel in my day here…
Because my whole day revolves around the brightest part of everyone else’s day.
I get to enjoy the cuddles, the snuggles, the licks of the very little furry being that

everyone else goes out to work to support.
I get to be silly with floppy-eared friends…
I get to laugh at the antics of the cutest clientele…
I get to play with furry bodies, and wagging tails, wiggly bums …"

Abbie Booth  
"This job for me is a dream come true on so many levels. When I saw that there was a job advertised at Dogs and Divas I absolutely lit up to get the chance to have had an interview was amazing, never mind being lucky enough to have been offered the job. I have always wanted to work with dogs since I can remember, and I am fortunate enough to develop my studies in Canine Behaviour and Training because of this job. Everyday is different at Dogs and Divas, but one thing always remains the same, going home having had another great fulfilled day. The first reason I love this job is being able to work with beautiful energetic dogs on a daily basis who just want to give you unconditional love, day in day out. Meeting so many dogs and getting to know their individual personalities is incredible; from the dogs who join us everyday to the dogs who come every now and again, building a relationship with each and every one is so special and unique. A second reason, for me in particular, is I am able to bring my own dog to work with me every single day. This means I can build a stronger relationship with him everyday because he is always with me. It also allows him to learn to socialise with other dogs and understand that he is still expected to behave for the other staff members. And finally, the Dogs and Divas team are such a pleasure to work with. We all respect and care for one another, we have so much fun together playing with the dogs and of course, we all share one passion; our love for your dogs. Here at Dogs and Divas we are one big loving family."

Stephen Higginson

My first dog was made of wood, had big bright orange wheels, floppy suede ears and a spring for a tail . I loved him.

My mum soon bought me an Alsatian puppy. Ben, The best friend i could ask for. I loved him. I’ve been crazy about dogs since then. 
I had seen the Dogs and Divas sign when I first moved to Sale four years ago. I didn’t even know doggy daycare was a real thing then. I can remember thinking I wanted to work there instead, as I drove past to a job I hated.
I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since my teenage years and always sought comfort from dogs. I’ve got a 10 year old beagle who helps me everyday. When I hit my early 30’s my mental health severely deteriorated. I had been working in sales all my life and knew I had to change my career path. The decade of stress, monthly targets and KPI’s had finally hit me. 
My anxieties stopped me from contacting Dogs and Divas. But when I finally did I approached Dawn with the same honesty, I explained my reasons for wanting to volunteer. Straight away I felt welcome and supported. Not really something you get from sales jobs. Then I met the girls and then the dogs. 
First out to meet me was Peggy. A gorgeous black Pugzhu with the quietest bark id ever heard. Then one by one the rest came to say hello. I was in awe of these amazing dogs and location. I knew I wanted to work here and it wasn’t long till I was offered a job. In fact it was the next day. 
I've only been here 3 months and it’s already changed my life. It still feels a bit strange that this is a real job. I’m having far too much fun to call it “work” I’m waking up before my alarm and can’t wait to get to “work”. My mum said when I was leaving school “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day” 
Took me 20 years to understand that.

Gabi Giblin

"I have always had a love of animals, when I was younger I used to be obsessed with Animal Planet; when every other kid was watching The Powerpuff Girls or Hey Arnold I was watching The Crocodile Hunter or The Jeff Corwin Experience. When I got the job at Dogs & Divas I was beyond ecstatic, I couldn't believe it I was finally doing something I have dreamed of my whole life. Not only do I get to spend every minute of everyday working with dogs of all sizes, I get to watch them grow inside and out. Each dog has its own individual personality in it's own right, some are cheeky, some are quiet, some are loud but all are loving in their own way. I get to watch dogs develop, I get to watch them overcome nerves, overcome fear. I get to watch them form close bonds with each other, each dog has their own little spot in our family and it melts my heart to see how loving they can be to each other and to us humans. I know what unconditional love looks like, I can see it in a dogs eyes when they see their owners at the end of the day, I see it in their eyes when they arrive at Day Care. Dogs can't see flaws, you give them love they give you love back it's simple. To me this isn't just a job, I don't wake up in the morning dreading going to work. I wake up looking forward to the day ahead, looking forward to seeing all the dogs, looking forward to the unpredictability of my day. There's something a little cathartic about working with dogs, when you're having a bad day there's nothing else in this world that beats being surrounded by dogs who have nothing to give but love. It's the best therapy you could ask for. To me this isn't a job, to me this is a dream."

Meet the Dogs and Divas Crew

Alex White   Our Level 3 Groomer 

"After working in various other sectors I was encouraged to follow my passion and pursue a career with dogs. I wanted to build a career in something that would allow me to enjoy my work and enable me to build my knowledge of dogs and specifically grooming. Spending a few months working towards my city and guilds level 3 in dog grooming was a great building block and subsequently working at dogs and divas has allowed me to develop those skills including completing a level 3 accredited animal first aid course. The balance of grooming and working in daycare has been great for my learning and having  grown up with dogs I know how important dogs are to families and i enjoy looking after the dogs in the way I would want my own dog cared for. Whilst sometimes challenging, being able to run the grooming side of Dogs and Divas."

Leila Eve Oakes

"Before I worked at Dogs and Divas, I gained a BTEC in Animal Management at The Manchester College, I also gained experience working at a number of veterinary practices.  Whilst doing work experience at these Veterinary Surgerys, my duties involved cleaning, watching the vets do surgery as well as provide me with a view of the day to day job of a Veterinary Nurse, I even helped in the delivery of Pug puppies.
When i started working at Dogs and Divas, I began doing an Apprenticeship in Animal Care which helped me gain the knowledge and insight of how doggy daycares work. The apprenticeship gave me good customer skills and a better understanding of the behaviour of dogs. Once i finished my apprenticeship, I was given a full time job by Dawn and have now worked here for nearly 2 years."

Hayley Cassels General Manager 

Hayley has a wealth of experience with dogs she started with us in 2015 

"​Ive wanted to work with animals since leaving school,so when i got the opportunity to study to complete my level 2 in animal care and level 3 in animal behaviour i took it, then i wanted the actual hands on experience with the dogs, i was so lucky to be given a job at Dogs and Divas and work my way up to general manager, no day is ever the same all different types of breeds everyday each dog with their own personality, seeing dogs come in that are very timid and after a bit of tlc and encouragement they come out their shell and start playing with the other dogs its the best feeling in the world seeing them so excitied to come in after being so shy".

Kimmie Smith

"So what can I say about my job,
Most people go to work and find it a slog,
Having to leave their fur babies most days,
To provide a good life for them and so the bills can be paid.
But me, I get to take over their role,
To care, to love, to keep them happy.. that's all,
Met with waggling tails and wiggly bums from my best friends,
Woofing with joy telling me about their weekend,
We go for walks and yeah sometimes in the rain,
But that doesn't get us down,
It washes our troubles away,
In daycare we cuddle we're happy and we play,
It's all in a days work, that's what I like to say.
Sometimes they're loud and sometimes they're smelly,
Sometimes they're wet
And most days I go home hairy,
But feel so lucky to get to spend my day with your dogs,
They're my best friends too,


leah louise misiewicz

"It has been said that the reason we find babies so cute is because of their big eyes and soft features. Many dogs have these characteristics, and that is why the sight of them melts our hearts. The fluffiness of their fur is also comforting. It’s not just about the size or the color of the dog, but the inherent gentleness that we sense from their presence. We feel the need to cuddle and protect them, at dogs and divas I feel like I have been given the skills and experience needed to help families raise and socialise there special family member. The staff at dogs and divas are so welcoming and friendly that it is a pleasure to show up everyday to work, the job is the most rewarding experience imaginable."

Martina began working at Dogs and Divas just over a year ago and has recently been promoted to supervisor. As supervisor it’s her responsibility to help Josie and Dawn with the running of the daycare and make sure all the staff are happy and prepared for the day.Martina has always wanted to work with dogs so this job was a dream come true and her favourite part is seeing how the dog’s develop and grow while they are in daycare.

Jack Harness Daycare Manager at Trafford Park.

"I have had the absolute privilege to be apart  of the Dogs and Divas family for two years now. Not a day goes by that I don't consider myself lucky to work with such hard working dog loving people and of course the the four legged wonders that are the pooches in our care. After working my way up to being in the situation that I am now within this wonderful company I am so thankful to have such a interesting and fantastic career. I have never cared for something so much and feel so very passionately about like I do for Dogs & Divas.
Each dog has its very own personality and traits. The best part about this job to watch them develop from this shy little puppy learning and playing with us, to have the confidence to socialise with all kinds of breeds and humans.
I made the decision to leave University to join Daycare staff full time. A very difficult time for me finding out whether I wanted to go with my head or go with my heart, thankfully I made the best decision I ever made and left to follow my passion and not to be stuck in an office for the rest of my life. I am happiest I have ever been in my life and plan and moving forward with this wonderful company to make it the best daycare it can possibly be".