Dogs and Divas dog grooming services & Doggy Daycare Centre Manchester. Sale  , Cheshire, Altrincham, Stretford , South Manchester, near me.

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Doggy Daycare

Dog Walking Service

Late fees are £5 for every 15 minutes late after  6.30pm 

Dogs and Divas Dog Daycare Dog Walking in Sale Doggy Daycare in Manchester

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​​At Dogs and Divas Day Care our mission is simple:
To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours!
Dogs and Divas hope that  can offer you the service you need to suit your dogs and your lifestyle.

Call 07379 340280 or 07907097745 for more details or email

Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare in Manchester

Dog Walking   
Solo Walk  for 1 hour £20  (second dog half price) so 2 solo £30.
Group Walk for 1 hour £12.50 second dog £7.50 so 2 group dogs from the same family is £20.
all dog walk prices are within a five mile radius  of  M32 8RH.
Solo  walks for half an hour are £8 for each walk.

Doggy Daycare

your  dog is welcome at daycare anytime that we are open.
Mon – Fri  7 a.m - 6.30pm 
PRICES: Daycare Half day - £10.00  (any 4 hrs) Small dogs
Daycare Half day - £15.00  (any 4 hrs) Large dogs
Doggy Day Care Small Dogs £18.00
Doggy Day Care Medium Dogs £20.00
Doggy Day Care  Large Dogs £22.00

2 small dogs same household £30 
2 large dogs same household £34
3 dogs same household £42
Half day - £10.00  (any 4 hrs) Small dogs
Half day - £15.00  (any 4 hrs) Medium / Large dogs
Home visit to feed and pet cat - £8.00 one visit or £15.00 two visits per day                      

*Nail trimming £5.00

*Text updates of your pet - free 

When you can't be there...Dogs and Divas crew will be there for you.

Dogs and Divas will now be hosting Ema Davis of Just for Paws to run her successful training classes. The first course will be a puppy life skills course, incorporating the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award. Classes will start Tues 13th June and will be held at Trafford Park from 7.15pm. To book you will need to email Just for Paws

Enquire today for your personal consultation to see how we can make your life easier when you are not around - whether it be while you are out at work during the day, or you may need dogs and divas doggy daycare, dog walking or dog training.

Our flexible approach means we can offer you a service to suit your dogs and your lifestyle

We know your treasured companions will always be in your thoughts when you’re away from them
but we don’t want you to worry, they are in safe hands, we are fully insured and licensed. 
​All dogs that come to day care must first attend a free half day assessment to check they are suitable. Please call us on 07907097745
or complete the downloadable form below, and email

Terms and conditions for daycare, dog walkers, grooming, local dog sitters.

​All dogs that come to daycare must first attend a free half day assessment to check they are suitable.
Also  all dogs that are to attend dog daycare must receive the Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination before attending daycare.

Please understand that if your dog is vaccinated for Bordatella (kennel cough) there is still a chance your dog may contract this condition from sources outside of Dogs and Divas. You shall not hold Dogs and Divas responsible in any way should such infection or similar be contracted by  your dog.

You must notify Dogs and Divas of any infection and/or contagious disease that my dog has been exposed to or infected by. Such conditions include but are not limited to, Distemper, Hepatitis, Bordatella, Parvovirus, Corona Virus, Worms, Lyme disease, Pregnancy, Infectious Skin disease and Intestinal Parasites. 

​​​​​​Dogs and Divas are taking the lead in Dog Walking, Doggy Daycare, Training & Grooming in Manchester, Sale & Hale

When you can't be there... Dogs and Divas crew will be there for you.​ for doggy daycare & animal behaviour at Doggy Daycare Centre